TRAITOR: Look What Mueller Did On Hillary Clinton’s Order Behind Trump’s back… This is TREASON

The idea that Mueller is somehow independent of Washington’s politics is laughable just a joke. The man in charge of the ongoing Russian investigation has a history of being among the first loyal to the Democrats.

During the administration of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer of highly enriched uranium to the Russian government. WikiLeak cables conclusively prove that former FBI Director Robert Mueller was tasked with secretly delivering samples of this uranium to Moscow, via Gateway Pundit.

According to:

Mueller helped to facilitate the illegal smuggling of enriched uranium, a key ingredient needed for making nuclear weapons, at the behest of Clinton.

This is the man tasked with independently investigating President Trump and his administration.

All told, Mueller’s involvement began back in 2006, when the US government got their hands on highly enriched uranium (HEU) in the Republic of Georgia. The Georgian government allowed the U.S. to give samples of this uranium to Russia, via WikiLeaks.

While all of this may sound like routine government work (barring the fact that the U.S. was directly involved in handling HEU between two foreign countries), it should be noted that Clinton was involved despite not holding a position in the Bush administration.

Clinton seems to have some very deep connections to the Russian uranium industry. After all, while serving as Secretary of State, her Clinton Foundation made a deal whereby American uranium was sold to the Russian company Rosatom.

Rosatom is mostly controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in turn paid a handsome reward to the Clinton Foundation for their part in the deal, via New York Times.

For his part, Mueller has shown a loyalty to Clinton and Democrat donors. One of Mueller’s team members is Elizabeth Prelogar, who gave $250 to both the Clinton campaign in 2016 and the Obama campaign in 2012, via Daily Caller.

Other investigators on Mueller’s team include James Quarles, who donated $33,000 to Democrats, including Clinton and Obama, Andrew Weissmann, who donated $4,000 to Obama in 2008, and Jeannie Rhee, who not only donated $16,000 to Clinton and Obama, but also represented Clinton during her email scandal, via Axios.

Does this look “unbiased” to you?

Trump surrogates are right to claim that this investigation is nothing more than a “witch hunt.” Mueller’s whole goal is to try and delegitimize President Trump’s administration. Unless he is reigned in or fired, it is hard to tell just how much damage Mueller and his team could do.

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