Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders What Trump’s Flaws Are, Her Answer Makes Her Father Proud

Kirsters Baish| Since Donald Trump even started in his running to become President of the United States, we have seen all kinds of hatred from the Left. The mainstream Liberal media has been nothing short of completely ruthless towards the President and his administration. What they have been doing is completely unacceptable. We sit here day in and day out while the mainstream media tries to point the finger at Trump for every single issue in our country, even those created by former President Barack Obama. They seem to completely ignore the scandals that have come out involving the Democrats in the past couple of weeks. With new information on the Uranium One deal and news about Hillary Clinton’s campaign scamming their way to the top with the DNC in order to ensure an election day victory, we are ready to roast the Left.

When any little thing comes out about President Trump, the Left attacks like vicious dogs. They are paid to rip the President of the United States to shreds simply because he is a Conservative. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been dealing with all of the hate towards the President, and she is becoming sick and tired of dealing with it. She has handled all of the ridiculous comments and questions from the media with grace and dignity, and she never seems to slip up when it comes to her job. What happened this week was no exception.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is always having back and forth conversations with Leftist journalists, and she has proved time and time again that she is the only person who could handle her job with such skill. The LA Times’s recent article bashing Huckabee Sanders’s looks may have other things to say about our White House Press Secretary, however, we think she is doing a wonderful job.

Former Arkansas governor and father of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee, came forward to speak about how proud he is of his daughter.

Mike Huckabee spoke about just how hurtful and uncalled for the article that was published by the LA Times really was. He stated, “To attack people’s appearances or their culture is bigotry, pure and simple and the sad thing is that people like these young mention are unaware of their own hateful, sexist, and cynical bigotry.” The article he was denounces referred to his daughter as a “soccer mom.”

That wasn’t all that Huckabee had to say about his daughter, however. He continued on to speak about when Sarah was asked about President Trump’s flaws by NBC reporter Peter Alexander.

Alexander had questioned, “Yesterday from that podium you said all of our leaders have flaws, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy. What are President Trump’s flaws?”

Sarah’s response was brilliant. She shot back, “Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis.”

Mike Huckabee took to Facebook to say just how proud he was of his daughter and her answer to Alexander’s question.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has to deal with some of the worst people in America every single day. The mainstream media is constantly trying to tear her down and attack President Trump. It’s great to see a father so proud of his daughter for her accomplishments.


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