Oh My God! Today, Trump Is About To Do Something That’ll Make Christians Cheer Like Crazy

We’ve seen that our President keeps his promises, right?  And if he can’t get it done the first time, he does NOT QUIT!

On Thursday, President Trump told religious leaders that he would “destroy” the Johnson Amendment, something he promised to do when he was campaigning.

Did you ever wonder why your pastor never preaches about, or even mentions, what political candidate he prefers and why?  Wouldn’t you like to know that?  I mean, you trust your pastor implicitly, so why wouldn’t you value his opinion in this regard?

Well, it’s the Johnson Amendment, and Trump is about to destroy it, thank God!  What is it, exactly?  Enacted in 1954, the Johnson Amendment makes it so that churches and charitable organizations can’t participate, directly on even indirectly, in a political campaign, whether they are for or against the candidate.  And if they do, they could lose their tax-exempt status.

Here’s what Trump will do, maybe even as soon as today:

That’s right, Patriots!  Our President WILL protect and vigorously promote religious liberty.  He WILL make it so that our trusted religious leaders CAN tell us what they think about political candidates. AND  he will provide relief for organizations that object, for religious reasons, to Obamacare.

WOW!  Ya’ll, we can rest assured that our President keeps his word!  And he loves FREEDOM, in all forms!  SHARE this everywhere, if you do, too!!!

Source: FoxNews.com


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