New Secret Service Director Appointed! Trump Couldn’t Have Made A Better Choice!

Needless to say, the last 8 years haven’t been the best for the once prestigious Secret Service. The agency’s been embroiled in multiple controversies, as the quality of agents appears to have been significantly diluted.

Whether it be prostitution scandals or simple cases of corruption, the agency’s in a mess, and only now is someone actually going to do something about it.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Trump is preparing to overhaul the declining agency in the wake of its endless failures. The president is appointing a new Secret Service director and the man he’s chosen is perfect for the job.

This will be the first time the agency has hired a director from outside the agency, a move that was desperately needed seeing how the culture needs a drastic change.

According to CNN, President Trump will name Randolph “Tex” Alles as his new Secret Service Director. After a 35-year stint in the Marine Corps, Ailes is currently serving as acting deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

After retiring from the Marine Corps as a two-star general, Alles joined CBP in 2012. Agents were apparently bracing for the change, as they were expecting a former general would be filling the position.

Despite some reforms and an attempt to right the ship, it became clear early on that the Secret Service had not improved under Trump in the first 100 days.

There have already been several breaches of the White House grounds and yet another agent arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

The agency desperately needs a morale boost and strong leader in such a time of crisis. The poor performances couldn’t be happening at a worse time either, considering President Trump has faced an unprecedented amount of threats since he assumed office.

With so much hate and vitriol coming from the Left, there’s been no shortage of nut-jobs clamoring for the head of the “evil” Trump.

So the sooner they can get their act together, the better because if there ever was a president that needs protection, it’s Trump.

Alles is certain to get the wayward agency back on track.

His resume is immaculate and his selection once again shows that Trump is a master in spotting talent and delegating authority. By the end of Trump’s presidency, the Secret Service will have restored its reputation, you can bet on it.


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