It’s Happening! The Plan To Defeat ISIS Was Just Handed To Trump

According to reports, Defense Secretary James Mattie presenters the White House with a preliminary plan to defeat ISIS.

DailyCaller reported: Secretary of Defense James Mattis presented his preliminary plan to defeat Islamic State to the Trump administration Monday. Mattis met with several administration principals in order to get their input, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters during a briefing. “As you might already know, the Department of Defense presented its preliminary plan to the White House today to defeat ISIS,” said Spicer. “This plan has been delivered by Secretary Mattis, who is currently briefing the principals on the option presented today and seeking their input and feedback.” While the exact details of the plan are currently unknown, the Pentagon hinted that it will involve multiple government agencies and will tackle the ISIS problem on a global scale. “It will address ISIS globally, and it is not just a DoD plan,” said Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis. “We’re charged with leading the development of the plan, but it absolutely calls upon the capabilities of other departments.”

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