Home Depot’s Founder Breaks Silence to Expose Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi For Who They Really Are

Kirsters Baish| The Leftists in America have become so dead set on taking down President Donald Trump that they are willing to go to any lengths to do so. They don’t seem to have a clear plan of how they are going to take down our Commander in Chief, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying a number of ludicrous ways. They have attacked Trump at every single step he has made as President of the United States. The truth of the matter is that the Left have been destroying everyday life for middle America. It’s time for the lies of the Left to come to a complete halt. The mainstream media has got to stop spreading lies, and it’s time for us to shut them down.

CEO and co-founder of the home improvement store, Home Depot, has spoken out during an interview with Breitbart to explain his stance on the matter. He spoke about President Trump’s tax plan and just how important it is for the middle class of America.

Bernie Marcus stated, “We created Job Creators Network for one reason and one reason only and that is exactly what the name says: to create jobs in America. More importantly, to make sure that small businesses, which really are the backbone of new jobs in America–about 75 percent of all new jobs in America are created by small businesses–and we wanted to make sure that this tax bill that comes through affects them because, after all, you are trying to create jobs.”

It seems that the Left has completely forgotten that small businesses are what has made our country so successful. This important fact will not be changing anytime soon, and it’s important for us to support small businesses in order to propel our country forward.

Marcus went on to urged those listening to the interview to visit the webpage TaxCutsNow.com and sign the petition. He explained, “We’re going to drop it on the front lawn of the Capitol to try to stimulate everybody to support a tax bill which we think is critically important today.”

The Home Depot CEO also had something to say about Liberals Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

He was quoted saying, “I don’t understand Nancy Pelosi. I don’t understand Schumer. They don’t want to see more people hired in America. It’s incredible to me. Nancy Pelosi thinks this is going to cost jobs. My God, in my career I’ve created thousands of jobs. Nancy Pelosi has never created a single job in her life.”

The man has a good point. The Home Depot empire has provided jobs to Americans for years. I can’t think of one example in which Nancy Pelosi created a single job. The Left likes to talk about job creation until the cows come home, but they don’t seem to ever do anything to help. They preach higher taxes, but don’t ever want to aid American citizens. They are always the ones to attack plans that are put into place, but they never give a better solution to the problems.

It’s time for people like Pelosi and Schumer to back down and let the President do his job. After all, that’s what we elected him for.


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