Democrat Attorney General Just Confirmed Something that MIGHT Bring Mueller Investigation DOWN

Liberals may be a portion of the most idiotic individuals on planet – bone-headed, loaded with show disdain toward and to finish everything off they have a tyrant streak, however this current case of liberal ineptitude takes the cake. This one will smash Robert Mueller.

Red State Journalist reports:

Moments after DACA was ended, one of Mueller’s attorney’s threatened to prosecute Trump! It’s Eric Schneiderman who has previously actually sued the president and currently works with Mueller. This is him on the Seth Meyers show:

That would be the ticket – a huge conflict of interest. He has to be immediately fired from the Mueller investigation.

Schneiderman promised a new lawsuit today alongside Andrew Cuomo to protect New York State’s “dreamers”. This is their joint statement:

“If Trump moves forward with this, New York State will sue in order to protect the ‘dreamers’ and the state’s sovereign interest in the fair and equal application of the law. Ending this policy means assaulting the values that built our state and nation.”


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