BREAKING: Trump Just Initiated Another Potent Airstrike – See The Top Terrorist Who Got Blasted To Bits

There’s little doubt since President Trump became the new Commander-in-Chief that the issue of who’s our friend and who’s our enemy has since become crystal clear. There’s no ambiguity, no uncertainty, and no clever wording as to who our adversaries are.

Whether it’s North Korea with nuclear ambitions or Iran hiding behind a terrible Obama deal, President Trump is clear in his resolve to keep America strong and to keep America safe.

Unlike his predecessor who allowed America’s defenses to fall into disrepair while micro-managing the military from the White House, President Trump has restored the “decision-making” process back to those military commanders on the front-lines.

The president over the weekend was advised by his top military commanders to strike the “shadow government” of Taliban leader Quari Tayib in Afghanistan.

Tayib was a shadowy figure around the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan, where he forced the local villages to live under his rule and was directly responsible since 2011 for the deaths of many Americans.

Inelegance reports confirmed that Tayib used his compound to direct and conduct terrorist operations throughout the region.

However, all that ended over the weekend when President Trump gave the “go ahead” for a devastating series of airstrikes aimed at taking out Tayib’s infrastructure which also resulted in the death of the Taliban terrorist in the process.

The Pentagon confirmed: “The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom of movement in the area,” the release added. The strike reportedly “targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area. Eight additional Taliban fighters were killed in the strike.”

It was also confirmed after the air-strikes that Quari Tayib had been a vital military target for years; however under the Obama Administration that military action was always denied, and perhaps that’s the reason why all three defense secretaries under President Obama resigned, with two going on the public record criticizing his ISIS strategy.

Moreover “The U.K. Guardian” has reported how these “shadow governments” in southern Afghanistan direct Taliban insurgents in each providence to undertake terrorist activities throughout the region.


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