BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Ruined Obama’s Plan To Destroy Trump!

Our former president tried to spy on our current president Trump and his officials. This is one of the biggest espionage activities in modern history. Thanks to South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy, all of Obama’s illegal activities have been exposed.

Obama said that he wiretapping Trump was just fine, bearing in mind that he associated then-competitor Trump with conspiring with Russian government authorities.

He then used the National Security Agency, and numerous American subjects were gotten in his net. Trump was not that long ago warned about his colleague’s spying. The thing with the wiretapping put the nation on fire. Individuals were quite furious at Barack Obama. He had two terms and he wiretapped us? Is this what a president does? Obama is definitely one of a kind.

He used the NSA and various U.S. residents were influenced by his exercises. It is so u fortunate that no one paid attention to Trump’s notice of the his spying operations.

There is material evidence of Obama’s illegal spying operations: He managed to purchase a new house only a few squares far from the White House.

When Congressman Gowdy found out about this, he immediately began conflicting with Obama’s purported “shadow government.”
From: redstatejournalist

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